Tennessee, 1974 - HB 1395

Date introduced: 
January 09, 1974
Main sponsor: 
Representative Doy L. Daniels, Jr.
Bill Number: 
SB 1257
Current Status: 
Did not pass.

An attempt to repeal the last two paragraphs of 49-2008, Tennessee Code Annotated. Introduced by 1973's SB 394, it allowed equal time for creation studies and made textbook writers state that evolution was only a theory. 

On January 9, 1974, Representative Doy L. Daniels, Jr., in­troduced House Bill No. 1395. This bill was read a second time on Jan­uary 10, and was referred to the Committee on Education. Ted Welch, Commissioner, Department of Finance and Administration, reported to the Chief Clerks of the House and Senate that the passage of House Bill No. 1395 -- Senate Bill No. 1257 would repeal the "Genesis" re­quirement that existed concerning textbooks. The report noted that the Department of Education had stated that " it is impossible to deter­mine the fiscal impact of this act". This bill did not pass.