Evolution in the Classroom: No Dinosaurs in Heaven

Evolution in the Classroom: No Dinosaurs in Heaven

Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D., Greta Schiller, Yael Wyner, Ph.D.
Eugenie Scott, Greta Miller, Yael Wyner
Refreshments with the panel and a DVD signing from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.
October 25, 2011
New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 40th floor
New York, NY

According to a recent study, a majority of US biology teachers are reluctant to endorse evolution in their class and most have developed specific strategies to avoid New York Academy of Sciences logorunning afoul of the controversy. Thirteen percent "explicitly advocate creationism or intelligent design by spending at least one hour of class time presenting it in a positive light" and only 28 percent teach evolution as recommended in the National Science Education Standards.

In the 2011 film, No Dinosaurs in Heaven, director and educator Greta Schiller weaves together the story of a science education professor who refuses to teach evolution with a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon that debunks major tenets of creation science.

Join us for a screening of No Dinosaurs in Heaven and an enlightening panel on the state of evolution in the science classroom with a panel of experts in the field including Eugenie Scott, PhD, Executive Director for the National Center for Science Education, Director Greta Schiller, and Science Education Professor Yael Wyner.

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