Religious Politics and Secular Values

Religious Politics and Secular Values

Barbara Forrest, Ph.D., Member of NCSE's Board of DirectorsBarbara Forrest
October 22, 2011
921 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC

Why is the inclusion of creationism and "intelligent design" still a viable proposal for American biology curricula? What other secular policies are at risk of religious intrusion?

Dr. Forrest is participating in this all-day Institute sponsored by the Center for Inquiry.

Other participants are:

  • Chip Berlet - Senior Analyst at Political Research Associates
  • Jamila Bey - Journalist with Voice of Russia and formerly with NPR
  • Ronald Lindsay - Center For Inquiry CEO and President
  • Barry Lynn - Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Chris Mooney - Host of Point of Inquiry and author of Storm World and Unscientific America
  • Jeff Sharlet - Author of The Family and C Street
  • John Shook Center For Inquiry Director of Education
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