Congratulations, evolution bloggers!


A brief story in Nature lists [Link broken] the top five science blogs -- "those written by working scientists covering scientific issues" -- by popularity, including P. Z. Myers's Pharyngula and the collectively authored The Panda's Thumb, both of which provide a wealth of information and commentary on the creationism/evolution debate. Jack Krebs, president of Kansas Citizens for Science and a contributor to The Panda's Thumb, commented, "We have some of the most well-informed observers and critics of the 'intelligent design' and creationist movements," adding, "There is an interest, a hunger even, for thoughtful analysis of the issues related to evolution and creationism." Confirming Krebs's observation, there are quite a few blogs in Nature's list of the top fifty science blogs that routinely discuss the creationism/evolution debate, including Tara C. Smith's Aetiology, Joshua Rosenau's Thoughts from Kansas, John M. Lynch's Stranger Fruit, Jason Rosenhouse's Evolution Blog, Mike Dunford's The Questionable Authority, John Wilkins's Evolving Thoughts, and Mark Chu-Carroll's Good Math, Bad Math. Nature notes, "There's little agreement about how to rank blogs, so this exercise is best viewed as a rough snapshot."