Virus and the Whale


A new publication from the National Science Teachers Association is designed to help teachers to explore evolutionary concepts with students by taking them on a journey with real scientists. Virus and the Whale: Exploring Evolution in Creatures Small and Large introduces students to some of today's most exciting and up-to-date evolutionary research through the stories of scientists who study evolution -- from the arms race between viruses and their human hosts to the long-term evolutionary changes leading to the emergence of whales.

The lead author of Virus and the Whale is Judy Diamond -- professor and curator at the University of Nebraska State Museum -- who directed Explore Evolution, an NSF-funded project that includes exhibit galleries for six museums on evolution research. Eugenie C. Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, provides an insightful introduction. Sample pages (PDF), including Scott's introduction, and ordering information are available on NSTA's Science Store website. The 204-page book is priced at $28.95, discounted for NSTA members to $23.16.