Our fellow exhibitors at the Linn County Fair were busy setting up their booths.  As I set out our boxes, one of my interns approached me.

“Where have you brought us?” she demanded in a whisper, a wild look in her eyes.

I looked around. Our booth was conveniently sandwiched between not one but two anti-drug exhibits. On the other side of the hall, an astonishing number of people were preparing to distribute an equally astonishing number of apparently competing Bibles.

“Don’t worry!” I replied. “We'll be even more fun than not doing drugs!”

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2016 is on target to be the hottest year ever (beating out last year for the record, and the year before that…). Plenty of us in the US are definitely feeling it right now.

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A Venn diagram of people who like NCSE and people who like fossils would have a pretty high degree of overlap. We do a fair number of fossil-related events through NCSE's Science Booster Club Project. One message we try to stress: don't steal fossils. As I wrote in an Answer Monday many moons ago, stealing fossils from parks, even if you really like them, is a gross thing to do that ruins cool places for everybody.

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